Create.  Compete.  Collapse.


The ultimate play fest — Art in the Public Eye style.

Friday – Saturday, February 7-8, 2020

Email Erin Coon at or for more info on Play Fest 2020.


APE is now accepting writing submissions.  Deadline is January 17, 2020. 
Writers are juried and all submissions will be reviewed by the Play Fest 2020 committee.
Submissions should show compentency in developing storyline and dialogue but do not have to be plays.
Please limit submission length to 10 pages or less.  The committee will not read beyond the tenth page.
All submissions can be emailed to

Want to direct or act? 

Just sign up by emailing!
We are also in need of donors.  Financial donations, gift cards, and food donations to feed our 70+ participants are all welcome and appreciated!!!


What is Play Fest?

70 volunteers with some or no theaterical experience gather on a Friday night to form 9 randomly slected teams – each with one writer, one director and 3 or 4 actors.
A theme for Play Fest is announced and each team has one hour to meet before dispersing for the night.
Writers set to work writing a 10 minute play to the year’s theme which is complete by 5 AM Saturday morning.
Directors and actors rehearse all day for an 8 PM performance!
Plus – audience votes decide the best play, actor and actress.
And yes, extra votes can be purchased for $1.


Susan Clark
Shane Frasier
Matt Funiciello
Tim Gonyea
Burnham Holmes
Damon Lee
Nick McDowell
Faith St. John

Congratulations to our ten 2018 Writers – selected from a large field of submissions!

Shane Frasier
Tim Gonyea
Burnham Holmes
Damon Lee
Nick McDowell
Asa Morris
Kyle Patrick Murphy
Tracy Paige
Rachael Rhianna
Richard Sweeton

Want a copy of the Play Fest DVD? No problem! Purchase here and we’ll mail you a copy