We don’t use the tagline “Create. Compete. Collapse.” for nothing. 24 Hour Play Fest challenges participants to create a play in a day. No easy feat and not for the faint of heart. We welcome participants from all walks of life – those with years of theater experience and those with none at all. In fact, Play Fest is the perfect way to dip your toe into the life of an actor, playwright or director.

Interested in WRITING?
24 Hour Play Fest is the 2nd weekend of February, 2020 and APE is searching for writers, directors and actors to participate as volunteers for the fest. Writers will be juried and must submit short (no more than 10 page) writing samples to APE by January 17, 2020. Writing samples should demonstrate an ability to create storyline and write dialogue but do not have to be scripts.  Please submit writing samples to

Want to DIRECT?
Sign up!  It’s probably best if you have some theater experience before deciding to direct.  Email

Want to ACT?
Alright!  Sign up with us.  Email

***All members of teams are REQUIRED to be available Friday night , February 7 for the 7pm team selection.  We’re usually done by 9:30-10pm. Then actors and directors are REQUIRED to be available all day Saturday, February 8 from about 7am – 11pm for rehearsals and the performance.  Meals will be provided.

Questions?  We’re here to answer ’em. Email for details.