GEM Fest is a little over a week away and we are soooo ready!!!

What is GEM? 

Man – it’s everything.  Here’s the short list of what you’ll get next weekend:

  • Music at venues all over downtown
  • Live theater
  • Live art
  • Family Festival
  • Film Festival
  • Live Comedy
  • Vendors selling locally made wares

And those are just generalizations.  There is so much to see and do over the two days of GEM and our advice is to plan NOW!  Here are a few schedules to help you wrap your mind around all the things you will be doing at GEM.

So what’s it going to cost for GEM?

Well, it costs us a bunch but luckily we have a ton of really generous sponsors – see those logos at the bottom of the schedules?  Yeah – those businesses rock and you should patronize them.

For you most GEM Fest events are FREE to attend.  There a few small fees here and there for things like sidewalk chalk to participate in Chalk Fest and tickets to see the live theater shows, film fest and comedian at The Park Theater.  Plus if you want to purchase anything from street vendors, obviously there will be a fee.  But that’s it.  Everything else is free.  AMAZING!!!





What to watch out for this year.

So this is GEM’s third year and a lot has changed.  There are four super incredible additions that are taking this festival over the edge.

  1. It’s a two day festival now.  We’ve added Friday Night.
  2. We’re shutting down Glen Street on Saturday!  Yup.  The City of Glens Falls agreed to let us shut down the main street downtown on a Saturday and haul in a huge outdoor stage, set up vendors and distribute live painters.  Sweet…
  3. Short Stuff at The Park Theater.  A bunch of short… well stuff!  Theater, vaudeville, musicals, dance.  So cool!  Check out the teaser video for the musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda (who wrote Hamilton) below.
  4. GEMbouree.  This family friendly festival will take place in Glens Falls City Park on Saturday and will have tons of family friendly activities including Pony Rides, yoga, a bounce house, music and our ever popular Chalk Fest where everyone can create sidewalk art!


Yo! This is huge.

For real.. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are.  It doesn’t matter what you art tastes are.  GEM definitely has something for you.  Bands and musicians come from all over to be a part of this festival.  Many from as far away as Chicago and Texas.  For real.  This may be the only chance you get to see these people live.

GEM Fest details
Short Stuff details
Park Theater tickets
GEM Fest Facebook page
APE Facebook page






One more shout out to our sponsors.  THANK YOU!!!

Mean Max Brew Works
Fun World Arcade
Rozell Industries
Glens Falls Collaborative[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22page%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22main_list%22%2C%22extra_data%22%3A%22%5C%22[]%5C%22%22%7D]%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D