Get your checkbooks ready…this is your chance to score tons of original artwork for $99 or less!

Gallery 99 is a unique, temporary gallery curated by APE Board Member and local visual artist Anthony Richichi.  G99 features work from the areas most sought after artists… all for $99 or less.

Take this opportunity to find a unique gift or an original piece for your home. At $99 or less, everyone can afford exceptional art!


Kayla Albano — Kate Austin-Avon — Rodney Bentley — Robin Brewer — Amanda Colegrove — Shelley Fairbanks — John Hampshire — Matt Kestner — Jeanette LaPointe — Kelsi Lee — Alexandra Lindsay — Marika Muller-McCoola — Deborah Neary — Fiona Neary — Corey Pitkin — Bryn Reynolds — Anthony Richichi — Joe Richichi — Jon Segan — Kayleigh Smith — Diane Swanson — Jes Turco — Alaina Vooris — Hannah Williams — Becky Zeh — Natalie Zeunges