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Right now, big, BIG things are happening for APE and we need your support to make sure we don’t miss any opportunities to produce even BIGGER, BETTER programs for our community.  Lately, we’ve grown our board and our visibility.  Local arts leaders and artists are taking notice and approaching us for assistance.  We have the skills and passion to help them but not the financial backing… yet.  We don’t need much but EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS.  $5, $10, $100, $1,000 – anything you can give to help APE lead the community’s artists and arts scene into the future.

So what will we do with your donation anyway?

We’re glad you asked.  There are three main things.

Number ONE: We’ll launch new programs including APE-man Presents – a monthly cinema program at a local venue (the exact location is still a secret); APE After School – a new year round, free program that will lead kids on an exploration of places where the environment and the arts meet; and further development of our new Contemporary Play Series including a new format called Short Stuff (more details on that later this year).

Number TWO: We’re going to launch a scholarship program.  It will have two branches.  One will be for graduating high school seniors going into the visual arts.  The other will be to help local working visual, literary and performing artists to produce their projects.  The latter will come with APE administrative support as well as financial support.

Number THREE: APE will hire a part time Artistic Director to make all this happen.  We have the perfect candidate all lined up!

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Then give yourself a pat on the back.  You’ve helped the local arts community to grow!

Want to know more? 

Excited about APE?  Interested in sponsorship opportunities?  Just want to talk about our work?  We’re here to answer your questions.  Email, find us on Facebook or call (518) 879-6233 to get in touch.  We’ll be happy to chat or schedule a meeting at our downtown Glens Falls office.


Nothing that APE does is possible without you.  So thanks.