Art in the Public Eye’s mission is to support the intersection of the arts & entertainment and educational pillars of our community.  APE strives to help each build and grow in partnership through:

  • Relevant arts and educational programs that are either free or affordable to participate in and to attend
  • Listening to what’s needed from the community and working to develop artistic and educational programs to meet those needs
  • Providing support for individuals and small groups looking to advance ideas
  • Collaborating with other organizations to create an attractive place to live, play and work.

Board of Directors

Erin Coon, President
Sara Friedman, Vice President
John Anthime Miller, Treasurer
Anthony Richichi, Secretary
Brian Alvarado
Aaron Lambert
Brianna Lambert
Justin Lightfoote
Letizia Mastrantoni
Kalinn Saunders

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Contact us at info@artinthepubliceye.org