Play Fest

Want a copy of the Play Fest 2017 DVD?  No problem!  Purchase here and we’ll mail you a copy.

The ultimate play fest — Art in the Public Eye style.

Friday – Saturday, February 24 – 25, 2017

Email Erin Coon at or find us on FB for more info.

What is Play Fest?

10 teams – each with one writer, one director and 3 or 4 actors – are randomly selected and meet for the first time on Friday night.
A theme is announced and each team has one hour to meet before dispersing for the night.

Writers set to work writing a 10 minute play which is complete by 5 AM the next morning.
Directors and actors rehearse all day for an 8 PM performance!
Plus – audience votes decide the best play, actor and actress.
And yes, extra votes can be purchased for $1.

Congratulations to the 2017 Writers

Tony Collins
Shane Frasier
Matt Funiciello
Jane Gabriels
Jenny Golightly
Tim Gonyea
Burnham Holmes
Damon Lee
Asa Morris
Chad Rabinovitz